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— LLC NPP «Spetskabel» presented installation cables for explosive atmospheres SKAB-Vz with void filling technology. SKAB-Vz — This is a universal cable for connecting devices. The plant is capable to produce these cables with the required sections, types of twisting, types of screens and armor, shell materials. Products are made from domestic materials, so the timeliness and uninterrupted supplies are guaranteed.

Flame Retardant Balanced Cables category 5e brand TechnoLAN ® FR

The use of fire-resistant LAN cables in fire protection systems and as part of
fire-resistant cable lines and electrical wiring (in accordance with Federal Law No. 123
«Technical regulation on fire safety requirements»), is an important a step towards ensuring safety in buildings and structures. It allows create an integrated communication and power supply system that will function in extreme fire conditions and will help save lives and
people’s health. This solution finds its application in various objects, such as like offices, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, airports and other buildings where safety and reliability are paramount requirements. Fire-resistant balanced cables are actively used in data transmission networks and information, as well as in structured cabling systems (SCS). Fire resistant LAN
cables meet high safety requirements and pass the relevant fire resistance tests. They are able to maintain their performance under conditions fire and do not support combustion, which makes them a reliable solution for use in fire protection systems. Factory data cables
are available under the brand names TechnoLAN F/UTP cat 5e and TechnoLan U/UTP cat 5e .

Cable products are divided according to fire hazard indicators into the following
execution types:

fire-resistant, flame retardant in group laying, with reduced smoke and gas emission and with low toxicity of combustion products (version — (ng(A)-FRLSLTx);
fire-resistant, non-flammable at group laying and not emitting corrosive gaseous products during combustion and smoldering (version — ng(A)-FRHF);
fire-resistant, flame retardant in group laying, with reduced smoke and gas emission (version — ng(A)-FRLS);
And also taking into account the requirements of FZ-123 and GOST 53316, these cables are already certified
as part of the following cable lines of the type: Promrukav — TechnoLine and Bettermann-
EcoTechnoLine, which confirms their full compliance with the requirements of the regulatory
documentation when used for fire protection systems. Time
operability is 15-30 minutes, depending on the type of KNS and the working

Highly flexible cables SPECIAL CABLE
The new development of cable equipment withstands repeated kinks and adaptation of signal transmission.

Cable plant «Spetskabel» produces new products under the trademark «SKLON®». These are highly flexible installation cables capable of withstand repeated bending, while maintaining
Comparative circuit and high-quality signal transmission. They are made from scratch domestic materials and functions highly flexible cables for industrial robotics.

“We were faced with the task of replacing imported cables, which are constantly move in cable channels of towed cable chains. As a result our engineers consider the cable, mechanical «endurance», which in several times higher than that of its foreign counterparts. This confirmed the tests carried out with multiple bending cycles and twisting,” said Roman Kuznetsov, head of the development department. SLOPE cables sent more bends even with increased attention and a common solution — it succeeded thanks to the introduction of technologies for twisting copper from a large number of thin wire, as well as special wear resistance of polymer materials

Among the main territories of the SKLON, one can also note:

Have a small bend radius, so they can be used in robotic technological resources.
In some performances, you stopped the increased tensile load.
Flame retardant, resistant to UV, oils and corrosive Wednesdays.
You have access to a wide range of temperatures extreme conditions, including beyond the Arctic Circle.
Bone sensitive cables for movable laying and limited messages; for use in robotic systems, in towed cable chains and moving parts of equipment, as well as in automotive with rated voltage up to 300 V (for sections 0.2 and 0.35 mm²) and 500 V (for a cross section of 0.5 mm² and above) current.
Cable plant «Spetskabel» produces a wide range of highly flexible gears: SKLON P5 NxS, SKLON P6 NxS, SKLON R5E NxS, SKLON R6E NxS with conductor flexibility classes 5 and 6, shielded and
unshielded external. All of them have certificates of conformity table of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Cables manufactured by JSC «SPKB Techno» are resistant to UV radiation

One of the operational requirements for the cable when laying on outdoors, is resistant to solar radiation.

JSC «SPKB Techno» produces a number of brands of cable products, in particular under the trademark TECHNOKIM®, TECHNOKIP®, TECHNOKSB®, TechnoLAN® and KPKV series marks, with shell resistant to UV radiation. These cables are recommended for laying outdoors without any additional protection.

As a rule, the color of the cable sheath is black, as the resistance to solar radiation gives a carbon black concentrate, which is used as a black pigment in the manufacture of plastics.

Another option to achieve UV resistance of the sheath is to use plastic compounds of natural color with the addition of UV stabilizers. Using Data plastic compounds, you can make a shell of any color, including blue for gaskets cables in hazardous areas when using explosion protection of the type «intrinsically safe electrical circuit i».

In confirmation of the above, tests of cable sheaths were carried out. version ng(A)-LS-UV blue for resistance to solar radiation in compliance with GOST 20.57.406-81 (method 211-1). The test was carried out in a chamber solar radiation at a temperature of 55°C and an integral surface density radiation flux 1120 W / m 2 (including surface flux density ultraviolet part of the spectrum 68 W / m 2).

The cable was continuously irradiated for 10 days, this time is twice the value required by GOST. After irradiation the cable was removed from the chamber, a visual inspection was carried out for the absence of cracks on the surface of the sheath, then the cable was tested with voltage in order to confirm no insulation breakdown.

At the request of the customer, SPKB Techno JSC can produce cable products,
resistant to UV radiation, any color.

SPETSLAN® cables for shipbuilding industry approved by RMRS

SPETSLAN® cables for marine vessels and drilling platforms are used objects of observation of the RMRS.

Symmetrical pair stranded cables of categories 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A for plant of structured cabling systems «Spetskabel» manufacturer according to specifications 16.К99-058-2014. Products are manufactured under the trade mark SPETSLAN®. it influence marks such as:

  • SPETSLAN U/UTP Cat. 5f W ng(A)-HF;
  • SPECLANE F/FTP Cat. 6A F ng(A)-HF;
  • SPETSLAN S/FTP Cat 7A ZH ng(A)-HF and many others.

The connected cables have the number of pairs 1, 2, 4 with a nominal diameter single-wire conductors 0.52; 0.57 and 0.64mm or stranded conductors 0.48mm. These are PE insulated cables with high prevalence over pairs. or without it, with or without extension over the heart, with sheath of halogen-free polymer composition. Cables industry, including shipbuilding.

In June 2022, SPETSLAN® cables for shipbuilding received a certificate of
type approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

The certificate is valid until June 1, 2027. The document has been published ensure cable compliance with RMRS. Products can detection at the objects of the register of technical supervision. The document was issued for grounds for testing.

RMRS certification is required for any product, including cable, which is involved in offshore and drilling platforms, as well as in docks and shipyards. Obtaining evidence of the importance for the safety of people, ensuring the safety of goods, preventing environmental pollution.

Now all cables of the «Special Cable», RRR and RMRS approval, are convenient structured on the site. We invite the partner to get acquainted with the complete collection September, the unique approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, and September, unique approval of the Russian River Register.


SPETSKABEL has developed a series special power cables SKAB-M

Special cables SKAB-M are used for shipbuilding and general industrial application.
Originally universal SKAB® cables for instrumentation devices were focused on low-voltage networks. Later staff Spetskabela has developed a line of cables for power supply.
SKAB-M cables are used for oil, gas and chemical industry. Oil and petrol resistant sheath and protective hose allow products to work smoothly when exposed to mineral oils. it
cable resistant to aggressive environments. Modern protection materials make the cables are also resistant to sea water and salt fog, so that the products also used in shipbuilding.

Ship power cables of the plant «Spetskabel» SKAB-M are designed for connections to electrical appliances, devices, assemblies of electrical distribution devices. The use of frost-resistant materials in design allows you to mount products in any climatic conditions.

Installation takes place in the temperature range from -50 to 50 ° C, and operate cables can be used at temperatures from -70 to 90 °C. SKAB-M have sections up to 3×150 and 1×300. These are light, thin and flexible power cables.

It should be noted that the product developers have taken into account the requirements of OAO Gazprom for power cables.

SKAB-M cables replace imported marine cables of Helcama brand.
The analogue has a certificate of recognition of the Russian River Register. We remind you that Spetskabel has prepared a table on import substitution cable products.



We present the SCAB-C cables, which are a continuation of the SCAB cable series of the NPP «Spetskabel» plant, developed for energy and oil and gas facilities. Universal cables for instrumentation and control systems for extreme operating conditions at a voltage of up to 660 In with an extended range of variants.
We present the SCAB-C cables, which are a continuation of the SCAB cable series of the NPP  Spetskabel» plant, developed for energy and oil and gas facilities. Universal cables for instrumentation and control systems for extreme operating conditions at a voltage of up to 660 In with an extended range of variants.SCAB – C cables are used in power circuits for connection to stationary and non-stationary electrical devices, apparatuses, assemblies of electrical switchgear with rated voltage up to 660 V AC frequency up to 400 Hz or up to 1000 V DC in explosive, fire, and explosion-hazardous areas;
— in low-current circuits:
For analog and digital communication and control circuits in accordance with
EN 50288-7 standard;
In automation systems for data transmission using a current
loop from 4 to 20 mA, organized according to the HART protocol, in Foundation Fieldbus digital data exchange systems, in data transmission systems with a speed of 31.25 kbit/s type 1 and 3 according to IEC 61158-2  and in RS-485 data transmission systems;
The cables are designed for general industrial applications, including on:
— objects of the oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical industry, and electric power
— vessels and floating structures that are objects of technical supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. The possibility of application in various climatic zones — from the tropics to the Arctic, thanks to a wide range of temperatures of use.

SPKB Techno is expanding the range of fire-resistant power and control cables with special operating conditions.
At the request of consumers, the cable plant «SPKB Techno» has successfully mastered the serial production of new types of cable products with a sheath and a protective hose made of oil and petrol-resistant halogen-free composition with the FRHF-MS index «MS — Oil-resistant» and cold-resistant halogen-free composition FRHF-KhL «KhL — Cold-resistant» in accordance with with TU 3500-003-53930360-2013 «fire-resistant power and control cables» of the KPng (A) -FRHF series.
An operational feature of the cable with the ng (A) -FRHF-MS index is its resistance to mineral oil and gasoline in accordance with GOST IEC 60811-1-2-2011 «General test methods for insulation materials and sheaths of electrical and optical cables. Part 1-2. General application methods. Heat aging methods «.
Cables with the FRHF-ХЛ and FRHF-МС index are intended for laying and operation in cold climatic conditions not lower than -70 ° C and installation not lower than -40 ° С, placement category 1-5 according to GOST 15150.
In confirmation of the compliance of the products with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations 004/2011 «On the Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment», the SPKB Techno plant received a certificate of conformity No. EAES RU C-RU.PB34.V.00011 / 20.


NPP SPETSKABEL continues to develop fiber-optic cables
One of the areas of activity of «Spetskabel» is carrying out development work, during which special-purpose cables are created, unique for Russia and the world.
Development work (R&D) provides for the expansion of the enterprise’s activities to meet consumer demand for special-purpose cables. Based on the results of the R&D, the enterprise mastered the serial production of the entire series of high-frequency symmetric and radio-frequency, including phase-stable, data transmission cables in the frequency band up to 40 GHz, cables for the aerospace industry operating in the temperature range from minus 200 ° С to 200 ° С, power and control cables, cables for instrumentation, for fire safety systems. All developed cables are flame retardant, they can be fire-resistant, as well as have longitudinal and radial tightness. Many of them have no domestic analogues and are supplied only by the Spetskabel plant.
This category of work may include the development work «Source-I21» on the topic: «Development and development of serial production of a series of phase-stable radio frequency cable assemblies.» The work was completed in August 2020 and was carried out under a state contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation within the framework of the import substitution program. As a result of R&D, coaxial phase-stable radio-frequency cable assemblies with operating frequency ranges of 0-18 were developed; 0 ÷ 26.5 and 0 ÷ 40 GHz, operating in the temperature range from minus 60 to 165 ° С using 14 brands of RF phase-stable cables and 8 types of high-frequency connectors to them. The Spetskabel plant is the only Russian manufacturer of these products. Such products also include high-frequency symmetrical cables of increased heat resistance developed during the Istok R&D project with a data transmission frequency of up to 1000 MHz. The delivery of the ROC is planned by the end of 2020.
The enterprise expands its production lines and develops special fiber-optic cable products. Currently held:
 OKR ​​»Foton-VOS» on the topic: «Development and production of a series of optical communication cables for the equipment of local information networks.» Development of design documentation is in progress, preliminary tests are underway. As a result of the R&D project, 21 types of fiber-optic cables will appear. Scope of their application:
  • in field optical communication lines;
  • in the equipment of local information networks;
  • in the system of telemetry and diagnostics of objects of special military equipment.
  • OKR ​​»Fiber» — is at the stage of development of a technical project. R&D: «Development of fiber-optic sealed cables for special purposes.» During the development work, 32 brands of sealed cables with single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers will be created — 4 and 8 optical modules per cable.
    Recall that fiber-optic cables are distinguished by high bandwidth, the ability to transmit information over long distances without loss of signal quality, protection of transmitted information from unauthorized access, reliable operation and ease of maintenance.


Expansion of the range of LAN-cables
In 2019, the cable plant SPKB TECHNO installed new equipment for the production of cables for structured cabling systems (SCS) and switched to the serial production of U / UTP Cat 5e and F / UTP Cat 5e cables.
The cables are produced under the TechnoLAN ™ trademark and are designed for low voltage networks such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet plus, PoE + and other systems.
TechnoLAN ™ meet the requirements of GOST R 54429-2011 «Symmetrical cables for digital transmission systems», IEC 61156-2, TIA / EIA-568 and GOST 31565-2012 «Cable products. Fire safety requirements «, which determine their preferred areas of application, depending on the type of performance.


«EKA Line SPKB 30» and «EKA Line SPKB 60»
The cable plant of JSC SPKB Techno together with LLC EKA SPB, LLC PRO Systems and LLC Neptun completed the certification of a new fire-resistant cable line of the brands EKA Line SPKB 30 and EKA Line SPKB 60 according to RE -003-23367370-2018 (Operation manual) for compliance with the requirements of GOST R 53316-2009 “Cable lines. Maintaining performance in a fire. Test method «.
Based on the results of the tests carried out, the Certificates of Conformity were obtained: APB.RU.OS003.3.N.00267 and APB.RU.OS003.3.N.00268, which confirm that the cable lines comply with the requirements of Article 82 p. 2 of Federal Law No. 123-FZ «Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements».
The EKA Line SPKB 30 fire-resistant cable line includes:
• blind and perforated cable trays, cable ladder trays, shaped sections, supporting structures, accessories for cable trays and cable ladder trays manufactured by EKA SPB LLC;
• HDPE corrugated halogen-free pipes, corrugated polyamide pipes produced by LLC «Neptune»;
• corrugated PVC pipes, fire-resistant distribution boxes KROPS manufactured by PROSystems LLC;
• fire-resistant cables



The SPKB Techno group of companies received a certificate of compliance No. RU
C-RU.PB34.V.00498 / 20 (mandatory certification) for symmetrical pair twisted cables
TechnoKIP series for the industrial interface RS-485 (EIA Industrial-485), conformity confirmation security ”(Federal Law No. 123-ФЗ dated July 22, 2008) and GOST 31565-2012 “Cable products. Fire Safety Requirements. ” Validity of certificate with 04/21/2020 to 04/20/2025 As a rule, for cable products of general industrial and national use certificate of compliance with technical regulations Customs Union 004/2011 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment”, because at certification tests are confirmed by all safety requirements cables, including fire safety. Separate certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law of July 22, 2008 No. 123-ФЗ is not required.

However, the validity of TR CU 004/2011 has a limited scope (Article 1, item 2): “This technical regulation of the Customs Union does not apply to:

  • electrical equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres;
  • electrical equipment cars);
  • electrical defense equipment;
  • electrical equipment intended for use in the air, water, open and underground transport;
  • electrical equipment designed for reactor safety systems installations of nuclear plants … «.

Therefore, obtaining a «fire» certificate is a prerequisite for use data cables in the listed areas

Cables of the TechnoKIP series, manufactured according to TU 3574-014-53930360-2013, are displayed for high-speed transmission and reception of digital and analog signals in the industry EIA RS-485, HART, Profibus, LonWorks, MobBus, CAN and others. In industrial safety, fire protection and industrial automation. Our Broadband Products for Businesses oil and gas complex, chemical and metallurgical enterprises, in the energy industries, in shipbuilding and aircraft building, in civil and industrial engineering, on underground and public transport, as well as in enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

Cables of the TechnoKIP series with tinned copper stranded conductive cores with a diameter from 0.60 mm to 2.00 mm, with the number of pairs up to 37, in a common screen made of copper tinned wires superimposed on the surfaces of aluminum dacron tape are produced
various executions.

Fire-resistant cables of the TechnoKIP series with silicone rubber insulation and additional terminological barrier fire resistant cable lines (OKL) included in the product portfolio of JSC SPKB Techno.

Manufactured as a result of development work “Source-I10-RK »cable SK-KF 4x2x0.40 — the lightest pair cable for SpaceWire technology.
In 2019, the Spetskabel plant completed its experimental design work «Development and development of mass production in the domestic cable enterprise for extended temperature spacecraft range «by order of the enterprises of «Roskosmos».
Cables designed to transmit digital and analog signals with frequencies up to 600 MHz and speeds up to 400 Mbit / s with an operating voltage of up to 200V ~ (350 V =), for space rocket systems having integrated distributed and parallel computing and control complexes working in real-time using technology SpaceWire Such cables are also used for aerospace and military equipment, products 21, 22.
Spetskabel plant mastered the production of cables for space apparatus brands:
1. SK-KFF 4x2x0.48 and SK-KFF 4x2x0.38 with an extended temperature range from minus 198 ° С to 200 ° С, which replace the imported P544806 and P532242 f. Axon (France) by
ESCC No. 3902/003;
2. SK-KF 4x2x0.40 lightweight with an extended temperature range from minus 120 ° С to 110 ° С, replacing P551259 f. Axon (France) according to ESCC No. 3902/004. Cable superior to its counterpart in basic parameters:
— weight of 1 meter — 40.7 g (max. 42 g);
— outer dimension — 5.7 mm (max. 6.5 mm);
— signal attenuation at 600/1000 MHz per 1 m — 0.85 / 1.11 dB (max. 1.4 dB at 1 GHz).


SpetsKabelExport LLC, Nizhny Novgorod, renamed SKEksport LLC, is
dealer of the NPP “Spetskabel”, SPKB Techno, ENTE, Rybinsk cable plant and
engaged in the export of cable products from leading Russian manufacturers. we
We represent the entire range of products of these factories.
Since 2015, cooperation has been established and cable products are being supplied
to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, UAE, Czech Republic.
Our company guarantees the high quality of the proposed cable products of the Russian
Production, strict adherence to delivery dates and other contractual obligations. At
our experts will select Manufacturers of other countries and will commercial offer for all required cable nomenclature of the project or applications.
We work on delivery terms according to Incoterms 2010, shipment is carried out by all
modes of transport, including multimodal transportation, from our warehouse in Nizhny Novgorod and
from warehouses of partner plants.


Pre-fabricated models of cables with an extended temperature range
The Cable Plant «Speckabel» develops high-frequency symmetric small-sized cables of increased heat resistance capable of providing stable operation with a wide temperature range: from -200 to +200 ° С. Pre-made models are already prepared


Changed TU 16.K99-006-2001 for radio frequency coaxial cables
These specifications, developed 16 years ago, were revised and amended. As a result, the specifications fully comply with GOST R 53880-2010.


From October 24 to 26, POWER Kazakhstan 2017 was exhibited at the Expocentre in Atakent, Kazakhstan. The company SpetskabelExport LLC presented the cable products of our plant SPE «Spetskabel» under the trade mark «Speckabel» — serial cables, new and Perspective developments. During the exhibition, useful contacts were made with new potential partners in Kazakhstan interested in the products of our plant. All interested persons at the exhibition were acquainted with our plant and manufactured cable nomenclature of SPE «Spetskabel».


We invite you to visit our stand at the exhibition Power Kazakhstan 2017, which will be held in the Atakent Exhibition Center, Almaty, our booth No. A-61 from October 24 to 26Please, print the invitation card below and register on the site using the promo-code.


From May 31 to June 3, Caspian Power 2017 was exhibited at the Expocentre in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. During the exhibition, useful contacts were made with new potential partners in Azerbaijan interested in the products of our plant, negotiations were held with representatives of the state corporation SOCAR.


Baku will host the Caspian exhibition from May 31 to June 3 in Baku Power / Caspian Oil & Gas 2017.
The exhibition will feature our products trading Brand «Speckabel»: well-known serial cables, new and promising Development. We invite all representatives of companies interested in products Our factory SPE «Spetskabel», visit our booth No. 2106 in the Exhibition and Exhibition Center Conferences «Baku Expo».


Uzbekistan, in which our company took part. At the exhibition were presented New developments of cable products of our plant SPE «Spetskabel», Moscow.
Fruitful negotiations with our partners, project Organizations and new interested companies.


Please, payyourattentionto the decision of the arbitration court of case № А40-112942/2016. Accordingtothedecision, ООО «Сертификацияпродукции «Стандарт-Тест»» company’sactions are declared illegal. Earlier, thiscompanygavethecertificate of conformity on КСБcables toООО «Пожспецкабель», having no rights to do that.Thedecisionofillegalityentered on November 2016.Mayweremindyouthat,thecableproduction’svolumeis defined by regulation act «Of low voltage equipment safety». Cables’ conformitytothisdocumentare approved by certification authorities.Uncertifiedproductionisnotallowedtosale, becauseitcan’tbe considered safe. Anyactionstoproductareprohibited. The cables can’t be used, can’t be transported, can’t be utilized, etc. Thecables’ saleisillegal, too.
ООО «Пожспецкабель» production, marked КСБ doesn’t, actually, confirm totheregulationact’srequirements. Soitdoesn’tconfirmtosafetyrequirementsandanyactionstoitareillegal.Thecertificateissuingwasillegal. Thecourtordered «Стандарт-Тест» to publish the information about it on their
Recently ООО НПП «Спецкабель» has had several successful arbitration cases about third-party manufacturers’ cable productionto prevent unfair competition. Thedefendantshavebeencompanies, whichhadusedmarks, acceptedby ООО НПП «Спецкабель»technical conditions.
Asaresultofourwork,productionandsalesof КСБ cablesbythird-partyorganizations are declared illegal by arbitration courts and authorities of Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). Products’ certificationsarecancelled. Cables’ productionandsalesarestopped.


СКАБseriescables, developedbyspecialists of «Спецкабель» cablemanufactory, are widely used on oil and gas industry objects and in energetics.Also,thiscablesareusedinintrinsicsafetycircuits. Inaccordancewithregulations, cablesforintrinsicsafetycircuitsmustcontainEx-iindexintheirmark. Weoftenreceivequestions from СКАБ®cablesconsumersabout this specific marking. Inthisarticlewe are going to answer the questions about this specific marking.
Pleasenotetheprovisionsbelowduringdevelopment in project documents in orders.
IntechnicalspecificationsТУ 16.К99-061-2013 on СКАБ® cable series (also on СКАБ® 1000Пс due toТУ 16.К99-073-2015) isstated, that:
• «Shield of cables withEx-imust be colored in blue; for cables inК version, shieldsofblackoranyothercolor are allowed»;
• «Protection hosemustbecoloredinblack, expect as otherwise is specified in order».
Thatmeans,thatcablesinКversionwithEx-iindexare serially producedwith black protective hose. In this case, shield can be any color.
Also, СКАБ® seriescablesinКversionwithEx-iindex, contentsinmarkingEx-i sign, made in blue.
Meanwhile, according to customer’s requirement, cable can be produced with protective hose, made in any other color (for example: in blue),ifitisspecifiedincustomer’sorder.
Cableswithout protection hosewithEx-iindexareseriallyproducedwithblue shield, that allows installation outdoors. Inthiscase, shieldofanohercolor is not allowed.
Justificationofthisapproachisbasedonregulations, stated inГОСТ IEC 60079-14-2011 (2013) «Hazardous areas. Chapter 14. Projecting, choiceand installation ofelectricity-generating plants».


We congratulate all our customers a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We hope that the new year will be even more productive in our cooperation.
Merry Christmass and Happy New Year!
Company «SpetskabelEksport» took part in the annual exhibition in Almaty «POWER KAZAKHSTAN 2016», which took place in the exhibition complex «Atakent» from 25 to 27 October 2016. new serial development plant NPP «SPETSKABEL» were represented: universal cables for voltage SKAB In 1000/1500, fire resistant cables FTP SPETSLAN the FR in fire-resistant performance, fire-resistant cable lines «Spetskablayn-KIT» and other cable products. Exhibit space has helped to expand our contacts with new interested companies and strengthen existing ones.
According to the letter № 16-1- 7-1604 from 25.11.2015 FSUE EMERCOM Russia and cable products falling within the scope of the technical regulations of the Customs Union 004/2011 «About safety of low voltage equipment» does not require the mandatory conformity requirements of the Federal Law of 22.07 .2008 number 123-FZ «Technical regulations on fire safety requirements».
Dear customers and partners! Please note that all present in the list of cable products manufactured by the factory «SPETSKABEL» does not require compliance with fire safety certificates as these cable products fall under the scope of the technical regulations of the Customs Union 004/2011 «About safety of low voltage equipment». You can read the information letter VNIIPO.
Cable Factory «SPETSKABEL» received a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office of China and Turkey symmetrical fire-resistant cable. During the first 9 months of application considered in the patent offices of China and more than a year in Turkey. At the same time we take into account the results of international search and preliminary examination. The main requirements for a useful model for patenting a world novelty. The technical solution is considered original if it is not known from publicly available information sources dating from before filing a patent application. Earlier in 2014 SPE «SPETSKABEL» has already received a patent that protects the product in the territory of the Russian Federation. The invention relates to a symmetrical fire-resistant cables for the transmission of high frequency signals in communication systems, industrial automation systems and systems fire alarm at nuclear power plants, in particular, within the containment area. The cable includes at least one symmetrical pair of conductors, insulated fire resistant silicone rubber and polyimide film covering each of the insulated conductors and separating them with a single layer. When this film holds together insulated conductors, providing a pair of constancy of symmetry along the length of the cable. In the implementation of the utility model obtained technical result: increased reliability, increased lifespan symmetrical fire-resistant cable in working conditions within the containment area of ​​nuclear power stations, while ensuring a minimum level of loss and maintaining normalized parameters.
This design involves the construction of fire-resistant cables production of NPP Spetskabel in the
corrugated and smooth pipes of PVC compound and HDPE and metal hose.

An important feature of this design is that there is a mounting of all variants to the elements of the «technical ceiling» by means of
steel clips and wire knitting. Description of this design attached to a brochure entitled «fire-resistant
cable line», which is published on the website of the company
Certificate OKL «Speckabel kit» is also available on the website
Please note that the Federal law №123 «Technical regulations about requirements of fire security» was
amended. Now, the requirements for fire resistance are not the cables, as previously, and for cable lines
of fire protection systems.
Our technical specialists are ready to assist You in choosing the right design and components approx.

Company Specialexport» engaged in foreign trade plant NPP Spetskabel», Moscow, took part in the
exhibition Expo-Russia Kazakhstan 2016, which took place in Almaty from 15 to 17 June 2016.

On the stand were presented the new products manufactured by the factory.

Participation in Expo-Russia Kazakhstan 2016 exhibition
We invite you to visit our stand № D2, №1 hall at the exhibition Expo-Russia Kazakhstan in 2016, the complex «Almaty Nower», Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, to be held from 15 to 17 June 2016. The stand will feature new designs and a group of cable products of our plant NPP «SPETSKABEL», Moscow.

Participation in the exhibition POWER UZBEKISTAN 2016
The company «SpetsKabelEksport» participated in the exhibition POWER UZBEKISTAN 2016 (Uzbekistan, Tashkent Uzexpocentre) c May 18 to May 20, 2016 We present to you a small photo report about the exhibition.

Explanations about the certificates of compliance with fire safety requirements and TR CU 004/2011
On February 15, 2013 Decision of the Customs Union Commission of 16.08.2011 number 768 as amended by the CCC Solutions from 09.12.2011 №884 entered into force of the Customs Union Technical Regulation «On safety of low voltage equipment» (TR CU 004/2011). According to paragraph 3.2 of the Commission Decision of the Customs Union from the date of entry into force of the Technical Regulations issuance or acceptance of documents on assessment (confirmation) of conformity of products with mandatory requirements previously established by the laws of the — members of the Customs Union and the normative legal acts of the Customs Union shall not be permitted. The decision applies to certificates of compliance with the Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements (Federal Law of 22.07.2008 N 123-FZ) and GOST 31565-2012. Action TR CU 004/2011 does not apply to the following groups of products:
• Cables of rated voltage below 50 V AC and 75 V DC.
• Cables defense.
• Cables for security systems of nuclear power plants of reactor facilities.

Catalog CPR for fire protection systems «Spetskablain».
The catalog contains the following information:
— A reference to regulations governing the use of CPR;
— Information on the structures OKL (on trays, in a metal grid, in cable ducts, etc.);
— A list of fire-resistant mounting boxes permitted for use in the «Spetskablayn» lines;
— Method Order CPR;
— The list of brands manufacture cables for the OKL «SPETSKABEL» cable plant with the appropriate time performance under fire conditions. Download catalog fire-resistant cable lines.


During experimental works on developing of products, cable factory NPP “Spetskabel” has produced the first batch of optic fiber cable.
The cable’s consists of a few optical modules, central core, fillers, and water-blocking cords. Centre core is covered by sheath which is made of halogen-free polymer composition.
Tests of completely ready cables have confirmed damping coefficient matches the required values.


Specialists of NPP “Spetskabel” manufactory have successfully finished the development of fireproof cable line, which is consists of cables, produced by NPP “Spetskabel”, and cable support systems «ОSTEK». They are certificated on conformity of requirements of GOST R 53316-2009 standards. The operability of the cable line with cables КСБ, КПС, КунРС, КШС, is not less than 90 minutes; with cables «Лоутокс» which have low toxicity of combustion products — is not less than 60 minutes. The fireproof cables for LAN under trade mark «Спецлан» have been tested as a part of a cable line for the first time. Their operability is not less than 90 minutes.
This fireproof cable line is produced under «Спецкаблайн-О» trademark.  All the information about fireproof cable lines’ projecting and ordering is available by tel: 8-495-603-09-20


NPP “Spetskabel” has founded its new trade representative in Simferopol, Crimea. The company has been called OOO “Spetskabel Crimea”.
295051, Russian, Republic of Crimea, Simpheropol, Elevatorniy lane, 16
OOO “Spetskabel Crimea”
tel: +7 (978) 111-67-63/64
The chief aim of the new trade representative is promotion of NPP “Spetskabel” cable products in Republic of Crimea.


During experimental works on developing of products, cable factory NPP “Spetskabel” («Spetskabel» Research and Production Enterprise) has produced the first batch of optic fiber cable.

The cable’s consists of a few optical modules, centre core, fillers, and water-blocking cords. Centre core is covered by sheath which is made of halogen-free polymer composition.

Tests of completely ready cables have confirmed damping coefficient matches the required values.
Price-list changes
— The prices of fireproof cable lines (FCL) for single lining «SpetsKabLine-K1» are added into NPP «Spetskabel» price list.
FCL are designed for use as parts of fire alarm systems. FCL are fireproof cables by NPP «Spetskabel» with braid of zinked steel wires.
Lines are delivered with elements of fastening.

Additional information about FCL projecting, installation and buying is available by tel.: +7-495-603-09-20, +7-831-272-52-38.

Cables delivery to EACU countries and to other foreign partners.

Because of increase of number of orders on cable production from EACU and other foreign countries, the subsidiary company OOO «SpetskabelExport» (Limited Lliability Company «SpetskabelExport») was established. The company was based on trade represantive office in Volga Federal District – OOO «Spetskabel-NN» (Nizhny Novgorod). OOO «SpetskabelExport» provides foreign trading of NPP»Spetskabel». Additional information about terms of cable delivery to foreign countries is available on tel: +7-831-272-52-38. e-mail: ;

In compliance with numerous buyers requests, запросами потребителей, certificate of confirmity  to «SERTPROMBEZOPASNOST» (sertification of process safety) is received on cables for Industrial Ethernet. Certificate is spreaded on twisted pairs with quad twisting for digital systems data exchange os «SPETSLAN-PRO» series. The cables are produced by «Spetskabel» factory under TU16.K99-041-2011. The certificate confirms «SPETSLAN-PRO» cables compliance with FNIP requests about process safety «General rules of explotion proof for взрывобезопасности для взрывопожароопасных chemical, oilchemical and oil processing productions». This certificate gives opportunity of use «SPETSLAN-PRO» series cables at dangerous industrial objects, related with explosive substances handling на опасных производственных объектах, связанных с обращением взрывопожароопасных веществ.

Notification of buyers
Cabel factory «Spetskabel» starts serial production of twisted pairs for structured wiring cat.  5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A. The cabels are produced under «SPETSLAN» trademark. Cables can be used at nuclear power plaints outside of airtight area in systems with classes 2-4 of OPB 88/97 classification. Cables have certificate of conformity to the requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union «Of Low Voltage Products’ Safety» TR EACU 004/2011.

Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
We announce that there is new official dealer of NPP «spetskabel» in Republic of Kazakhstan since 01.12.2014 —  TOO «Vostoc Kabel PVL» (Limited Lliability Partnership «Vostoc Kabel PVL»).
Address: 140000, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Pavlodar, Lenina str., 7/1
tel.+7 7182 628282, +7 7015289035
CEO: Butin Andrey Vladimirovich

Information to our partners in Republic of Kazakhstan: please contact our dealer or company OOO «SpetskabelExport» for purchase of cable production or consulting about its usage.

Almaty, Kazakhstan
We announce that there is new official dealer of NPP «spetskabel» in Republic of Kazakhstan since 01.10.2014 — TOO «DARYN ENGINEERING» , Almaty; — (727) 239-78-09, 239-78-10

Information to our partners in Republic of Kazakhstan: please contact our dealer or company OOO «SpetskabelExport» for purchase of cable production or consulting about its usage.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

From the 30th of September to the 3rd of October in Almaty, 22th international exhibitiond and confrerention «Oil and Gas» will be held at exhibition centre KCDC «Atakent». Cable factory NPP «Spetskabel» takes part in exhibition we invite you to visit our board, № 9-116, pavillion № 9. Brand new develops of our factory’s cable products of universal and specialized usage will be presented.

Exhibition’s mission — development of economical, scientific, technical, cultural and political partnership between Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstanого, setting and strenghtening toies between countries, development of joint business, trading and investing relations.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

From the 11th to the 13th of June in Almaty the 5th jubilee Russian-Kazakh industrial exhibition «Expo-Russia Kazakhstan 2014» and 3rd Almaty business forum: «Free movement of products, services and capital in Customers Union — risks, problems, solutions» will be held.

Exhibition’s mission — development of economical, scientific, technical, cultural and political partnership between Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstanого, setting and strenghtening toies between countries, development of joint business, trading and investing relations.

Forum’s mission — promotion of necessary environment for innovation way of developing the enterprises, supporting their forign tareding and innovation activities.

Exhibition boards will be placed in congress-hall of Rixos hotel (Almaty, Seifullina str., 506/99). Cable factory «Spetskabel» takes part in exhibition (board № N5), under business forum on the 12th of June presentation, called «Modern cables of NPP «Spetskabel» production for data exchange (industrial automation networks, safety,  fire safety, computer networks)» will be held.

GOST 31565

GOST 31565-2012 is included in the list of «Technical regulation of fire safety requierements».

Download GOST 31565

Friendly vidget

For our customers’ comfort, their fast and comfortable selection of necessary cable products, vidget for search engine Yandex has been developed. Vidget — is a mini-programm which is usually iinstalled on desktop and facilitate access to necessary information.

This vidget allows you choose a neccessary cable by yourself and to know the price with mininal time lose. Moreover, our vidget gives opportunity to search for foreign or russian analogues of cable, get information about stocks of NPP «Spetskabel» factory, and download catalogues of cable production.

Vidget can be used with any browser.

The installation is easy — you should follow this link — «»&HYPERLINK «»from=promocode and agree with the vidget’s installation in opened window.

We suppose,  that our vidget will be useful for design companies’, installation companies’ and cable saling companies’ employees.

Eurasian Customs Union Certificate

We have received EACU Certificate on flame retardant cables for electronic system, including fireproof, and flame retardant power cables, including fireproof.

New kind of cable

Cable factory «Spetskabel» starts the production of cable for electronics and electronics and electrical appliances installation, including fireproof cables with cross-section up to 2,5 sqr. mm (earlier — up to  0,75mm)

Brand new printed production catalogue

Brand new printed NPP «spetskabel» production catalogue has been released. It contains information about our new developings:
— fireproof computer cables «Spetslan»
— low-toxic fire proof power cables VVGng(A)-FRLSLTx
— fireproof cable wlines SpecKabLine
— SKAB series universal cabes

Select a cable by characteristics

We as NPP «Spetskabel», often get requests about cable choice from our customers. A specialist mostly has only description without actual mark. From now on, visitors of NPP «Spetskabel»HYPERLINK «»HYPERLINK «»»web-site have opportuintiy to choose a cable from the enterprise’s list by themselves. You can select by characteristics below:

  • area of use;
  • fire proof;
  • cable’s conductive core;
  • defending from electromagnetic interference;
  • additional characteristics (shielding, frost resistance).

We hope, that selection system can help and save your time while searching for necessary cable products.

We Congratulation with professional day!
Cable Industry Worker Day is celebrated at the 25th of October. On this day in 1879 году Carl Siemens, an engineer of deutsche electrical company «Siemens & halske», recieved a certificate that allowed works on factory, which was producing isolated wires and telegraph cables in Sankt-Petersburg. Since then russian cable industry has grown up in very important part of economy.

Dear colleagues, congatulations with your Day! We wish you health, wealth and successes!